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About Us

The need to use language is universal. It is essential to what makes us human.

Individuals seeking access to legal, medical, mental health, government, educational, or community services are legally entitled to interpreting and translation services. They are entitled to the innate right to use language. ILS provides qualified professional interpreter and translation services by appointment and on an on-demand basis to persons accessing these resources. Institutions engage us to provide qualified and compliant interpreting services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons. We help provide equal access to critical services.

An estimated 50 million people in the United States are non-English speakers. We provide this population meaningful equal access to critical services through in-person, over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services. Research has shown that having an interpreter present can dramatically improve patient outcomes, foster equal access to critical social services, boost academic performance and ensure due process is followed. Our team of highly qualified, credentialed interpreters deliver precise and thorough interpretation 24/7 in more than 120 languages, including American sign language.

ILS grew out of desire to help people communicate

Something my parents had difficulty with when they first came to the United States from Colombia. As first-generation Americans, my late sister, Laura, and I grew up in between those two cultures, which made us uniquely capable of bridging the gap between them. We learned very early on how language can empower and integrate persons despite difficult circumstances. We learned language can be a powerful tool for progress.

Laura turned that skill into a career, serving as a language interpreter for over 20 years and establishing ILS in 2003. Ever since then, enabling others to communicate and ensuring they're clearly understood has been our guiding principle. It is core to who we are. Our deep expertise in language interpretation and translation services have made us a trusted partner among healthcare, government, education and legal institutions across North Florida.

What sets us apart is not only our highly qualified interpreting and translation team, our meticulous adherence to standard operating procedures, to compliance standards, to continuing professional development and our desire to genuinely do right by all our partners—but also our ability to seamlessly integrate our language capabilities into our clients' organizations to positively impact the experience of the people they serve.

In 2017, I took over ILS with a great sense of responsibility to continue my late sister and the company's legacy. Like her, I chose to continue being on the front lines and work as an on-site interpreter. By seeing first-hand the frequently shifting reality the organizations and communities we serve encounter, we better understand their challenges and work to ensure our services effectively meet their needs.