19+ Years Experience

Since 2003, customer services has always been our number one priority. We strive to be flexible and do our best to accommodate all needs.

Any Translations Needed

We pride ourselves on providing quality and accurate translations of all variations.

The need to use language is universal.

It is essential to what makes us human. Individuals seeking access to legal, medical, mental health, government, educational, or community services are legally entitled to interpreting and translation services. They are entitled to the innate right to use language. ILS provides qualified professional interpreter and translation services by appointment and on an on-demand basis to persons accessing these resources. Institutions engage us to provide qualified and compliant interpreting services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons. 

Markets We Serve

Learn more about all the various industries and markets that we at International Languages Service work within.

North Florida Area Hospital
“As a hospital we have no control over what hour of the day or night patients will require interpreting support. ILS does an excellent job of supporting our needs. ILS has functioned as an extension of our team for many years now.”
Local Non-Profit
“We enjoy working with ILS. They are easy to work with and they accommodate our needs and exceed our expectations.”
Local School District
“ILS interpreters have worked with our teachers, parents and students for many, many years. They are an excellent resource for parents and students that need language access!”