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Translation Services

Ensuring a translation project, whether a birth certificate, a technical manual or a marketing campaign, is error free and completed on time and within budget does not have to be a daunting task.

Our experienced project managers handle virtually any project, regardless of size or complexity across hundreds of language pairs. Using state of the art translation tools + industry leading project management software + top tier linguists along with experienced project managers ensures all clients have the benefit of a team where that off-loads their translation needs.

From the initial scoping call our project managers work to comprehensively assess the translation project, define requirements and define a firm deadline for project completion. Each project is assigned a single point of contact, which has helped us ensure 99.9% of our projects are completed ahead of schedule. Our Project Managers utilize industry leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software to fast-cycle as much of the project as possible without comprising project integrity. Project Management Software allows us to organize, track and streamline internal processes. Our experienced linguists are aligned to every project in a three-tier system: translation, editing and proofing. This three-tier system allows us to ensure the most human, most error free rendition of the original content.

Ensuring your organization’s translation needs are quickly, effectively and comprehensively
addressed is not a cost-burden, it is a competitive advantage. In today’s global business environment
it is critical. Allow us to form part of your team to streamline and expedite the translation process.

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