ILS Home Hero Approach

Our Approach

We embed our services into our client’s organizations so they have the benefit of drastically expanded and flexible language service capabilities. We put tremendous time, effort and resources into ensuring our services are as intuitive, as simple and as appropriate for each of our clients as possible.

Since accessing critical services (i.e. legal, medical, social services) itself is largely communication dependent, we partner with you to help ensure all of your clients have the benefit of experienced, skilled, culturally competent, professional interpreters that positively impact client experience metrics.

We have the following impact with our clients:

  • Assurance that patients and clients have compliant language access support
  • Complete understanding of the “Current-State” of Language Services at your institution:
    • Who are all the individuals / departments making requests
    • How do we centralize the tracking of all this information
  • Increase the over-all value received from interpreting while reducing the per-unit cost of
    interpreting services
  • Ensure language access services are compliant with respective regulations.

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