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How We Work

How ILS Works

We ensure our services have the desired impact with the following the following approach.

We thoroughly understand the current base-line Language Service challenges at our client sites via a complimentary and exhaustive (yet brief) analysis of the policies, procedures and client experiences as they relate to interpreting and translation services. A baseline understanding of the current state of interpreting and translation services solidifies the service plan and clarifies expectations.

A properly scoped, time-bound, metric-driven, consistently communicated change, to all stakeholders, stands the best chance of being positively perceived and of achieving the desired outcome. We clearly and meticulously lay out a service plan to ensure your organization is compliant with relevant regulations for LEP access to services. We aim to reduce your per unit language service costs while improving the overall quality, ease and compliance of interpreting and translation services. We outline where you currently are and where your organization should, ideally, be as well as the requisite steps for getting there. We lay out metrics and outcomes used to measure the success of our partnership.

On-going support is critical to maintaining a successful language services partnership. We work with you and your team on an on-going and permanent basis, to regularly gather and incorporate feedback to ensure we are always providing best-in-class language services at an optimal price.

All our clients receive a dedicated point of contact 24/7, 365 days a year who 1) is the point-person for all communication, 2) proactively gathers feedback about satisfaction with our services, 3) ensures all client concerns and questions are addressed quickly, thoroughly and to the high possible standard, 4) measures the outcomes and metrics of our services against pre-established standards.

ILS provides qualified, credentialed, skilled interpreters at industry-leading rates in a very flexible service-model. We adapt to your needs. Our entire approach is geared towards providing best-in-class interpreting and translation services at industry leading rates. We provide more qualified interpreting services across more languages than anyone else. We continually invite as much feedback as possible so that we can refine and improve our offerings.

Our interpreting and translation services and our dedicated point of contact combined with industry leading technology solutions enable our clients to understand exactly how much they have invested, in real time, on interpreting and translation services. These combined services put our clients in full control of the resources at their disposal. All of these services transform ILS’ collective decades of experience providing interpreting and translation services across numerous industries and hundreds of institutions into an added embedded
capability for our clients.

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