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Regardless of organizational size or maturity level, ILS brings the capabilities, technology, and processes to effectively implement an interpreting BPO at any healthcare organization.

For healthcare organizations, implementing a mature approach to serving Limited English Patients requires significant investments in time, technology, processes and training. Frequently, Hospitals will turn to an outside partner on a turn-key basis to help manage the interpreting needs of their LEP Patients. It is imperative that in selecting a partner an organization have assurance all the appropriate data and processes are documented and followed. Organizations must be assured their partner can seamlessly integrate the right capabilities into their respective organization.

In order to drive increased patient volume through the capability to effectively serve more populations and positively impact healthcare outcomes, an effective BPO partner will incorporate the following:

  • Working with quality assurance and the corresponding internal teams to identify every potential LEP
  • Use seamless processes and technology to document the appropriate demographic information
  • Have access to the most effective modality (In-person, Video-Remote, Over-the-Phone) for the particulars of the scenarios that present themselves
  • Documented assurance every interpreter involved in healthcare encounters meets Section 1557 of the ACA guidelines for interpreter qualifications.
  • Have the right processes and technology in place to document the overall impact of interpreting coverage on healthcare outcomes.

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